Pendulum dowsing is done using a weighted object attached to a chain or string.  The string is held with the weighted object hanging down, the user can then proceed to ask a question, The most common use of a dowsing pendulum is for asking yes/no questions, however the pendulum has many uses. Some people use their pendulum with a board or a chart which expands its answer range. 

Crystal Pendulum's are also frequently used for healing as well as hypnosis. Pendulums have long been used for dowsing to find water and missing items. Its a powerful tool that is simple and fun to use. 


To begin working with pendulums you will need a weighted object on a string or you can purchase a ready made pendulum. 

1. Start by clearing your mind, you may choose to offer a few words or an affirmation this is completely up to you. It is also a good idea to ask the pendulum if it is happy to answer your questions before your begin as sometimes it may not be the right time to work with your pendulum. 

2. You need to distinguish what your pendulums answers look like. Start by asking the pendulum to show you "YES", you should see the pendulum begin to swing in a clear direction this is what your yes result will look like. Now repeat the process for "NO". Once you have you yes and no results you may also as to see what "MAYBE" and "I CANNOT ANSWER THAT RIGHT NOW" look like also. 

3. You are now ready to begin using your pendulum.



Are you ready to start using your pendulum. Get your pendulum today you can either shop our board range or download and print one for free.


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