Frequently asked questions- Spirit Parties

What Is A Spirit Party?

A spirit party is an fun, interactive way of learning more about Spirituality and divination whilst socialising with Friends and family. To begin you will be guided into a deep meditation where you will have the opportunity to meet your spirit guide, be rejuvenated or experience a feeling of empowerment. You will then get to test out various methods of divination for yourself, play games and finally you and your guests will each receive a personalised reading. There will also be shopping opportunities, so if you or your guests wish to continue on your own spiritual journey you will have all the tools you need.

How Can I Book A Spirit Party?

You can book a spirit party online via our website by clicking here, or alternatively you can book directly with one of your local Spirit Party Reps.

Where Can I Host A Spirit Party?

The best place to host a party is at home, but the choice is yours. As long as there is comfy seating (a floor will also be fine) and a quiet place to do the guided meditation.

How Many People Can Attend A Spirit Party?

Party's require a minimum of 5 paying guests. If you have over 5 guests the host will get their reading for FREE. Depending on the size of your venue we recommend no more than 10 total guests as it can create a less intimate and powerful experience.

Who Can Attend A Spirit Party?

Spirit parties are open to everyone over the age of 16. Because spirit parties do not have any religious links we are open to people of all faiths and backgrounds all we ask is that you keep an open mind.

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Spirit Party?

Party are FREE to host. Guests pay for their desired reading during the event. The Price of the readings are as follow: Angel Card Reading cost £10 p/p Tarot Card Reading cost £15 p/p Angel and Tarot Reading cost £18 p/p If you have over 5 paying guests you (the host) will get your reading for FREE.

What Party Options Are There To Choose From?

Spirit Parties are FREE to host, you can choose from a selection of 3 readings. Angel Card Tarot Angel and Tarot See here for costs

Can Some Of My Guests Have A Different Reading?

Yes- this is fine but please let your rep know before the party date.

What Type Of Payment Do You Except?

When booking online we charge a small deposit payment. This is to reserve your booking. You can pay the deposit by PayPal, debit or credit card. The rest of the balance is then paid directly to your Spirit Party Rep at the beginning of your party. Spirit Reps accept both cash and credit/debit card payments.

Can I Purchase Items At The Party?

Yes. There will be a chance for you to purchase all of the items demonstrated during the party. you can pay by both cash and card.

What Do I Get When I Book A Party?

Host/hostess receive a free goody bag, a free reading(angel/combo parties over 5 guests) and 5% off all purchases at the event.

What Happens On The Day Of My Booked Party?

Your Spirit Party Rep will contact you prior to your party date to confirm the date, time and location. On the day of the party your Spirit Party Rep will arrive 20 mins before the party starts to set up. Once your guests arrived the Spirit Party will begin.


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