Self Focused Reiki-

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"Each and every being has an innate ability to heal as a gift from the gods."
Reiki is a Form of energy healing which involves the transfer of universal energy into the patient or recipient.
Energy healing has long been used by our ancient ancestors, but in 1800's reiki emerged out of Japan. One of the most influential reiki pioneers is Dr Usui. It is from his teachings that Thom now provides the world with free reiki training via the Rise Your Vibration Community.  
In this no masters no manuals approach, students receive 5 principles to live by and receive free attunement up to Level 2. It is believed that the aim of Usui's teachings was to provide a method for students to achieve connection with the "universal life force" energy that would help them in their self-development.
By offering Reiki for Free Thom believes that he is actively helping to raise the vibration of the planet. It is a beautiful gift that he now wishes to share with the world. Thom said "What sets Usui's teachings apart from other hands-on healing methods is his use of reiju or attunement to remind students of their spiritual connection. It seems that all students of Usui received five principles to live by and those with a further interest in the teachings became dedicated students".
There is no distinction within this tribe of teachers and students, rather a pool of seekers learning and teaching each other. Students from across the globe seeking to raise their vibrations and heal them selves have joined  this free course and are now active members of this growing spiritual pool. 
So if you are interested in learning reiki and what to change the way you view the world be sure to visit Raise the Vibrations Website. This course is completely free and is centred around a Facebook group of likeminded souls.