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Looking for a general tarot spread, then this the place to find it. We are constantly revising and updating or tarot spreads so don't forget to check back regularly for updates. If you like our spreads please feel free to share them or send us your feedback. 


A new year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh new start as well as the chance to look back and reflect upon the lessons you have learnt from the previous year. This spread shows you the lessons you learnt from the previous year as well as advice on how to manifest your future desires.  USE FOR: 

  • The start of a new year 

  • Understanding past lessons

  • Looking ahead

​​ TOOLS NEEDED: Tarot or Playing Cards, pen and paper METHOD: Shuffle the cards whilst asking your question, visualise what is is you want to know and when the time feels right stop shuffling Divide the pack into 3 piles and select the pile that you are most drawn to. Put the other 2 piles aside. Begin turning the cards over as displayed in the image 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Take a moment to reflect over your cards. What emotions do the pictures provoke? Take a note of the layout and your initial feelings.

Take a moment to analysis your cards write down any initial feelings. Then write down any actions you can take. Congratulations you have the foundation of your plan. 

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