How To Cleanse Your Crystal Jewellery

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Have you cleansed your crystal jewellery lately?

Did you know it's just as important to keep your crystal jewellery cleansed and energised as it is for your crystal stones and wands, maybe even more so. When you wear your jewellery throughout the day it is absorbing all sorts of energies and can continue to hold on to these energies unless they are cleansed.

Cleansing your crystal jewellery is important in order to bring it back to its original vibrational state and is necessary in order to program or set a new intention for your crystal.

But how exactly do you cleanse crystal jewellery without damaging it. We have compiled a list of our favourite methods for cleaning your crystal jewellery that won’t damage it.

Moon Light

Moon cleansing is one of the most popular ways of cleaning crystals of all types. Moon light rays are not as strong as sunlight and therefore does not pose a risk of lightening to your stones or jewellery findings.

One of the best times to cleanse your crystals is during the full or new moon, however certain crystals and situations may benefit from other moon phases as well.

Cleansing your crystals with a full moon or new moon energy both purifies and recharges your stones. It is great to do this before a programming ritual.

Herb Smoke/Smudging

The smoke from burning herbs is a fantastic way to cleanse your crystal jewellery (and leave it smelling amazing). Sage is a popular choice but by no means the only option. Do some research on your stone and find the herb that works best for your you. To use this method simply hold your jewellery in the smoke of your burning sage or other herb stick whilst focusing on releasing and letting go.

Using Another Crystal

This method is a fantastic option if you have other pieces of crystal available. Stones you can use for cleaning other crystals include; Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Selenite and Carnelian. To use this method simply place your jewellery on top of the clearing stone for a minimum of 6 hours.


This method may require some discretion as soft stones and delicate items of jewellery can be scratched by the salt and salt may stick in intricate detailing. Salt is a natural cleanser and is often used as a disinfectant and for cleaning in all aspects of life. It similarly can be used to cleanse your crystal jewellery. Simply Fill a bowl with natural sea salt or Himalayan pink salt and lay or bury your item in the salt. Leave your jewellery in the bowl for at least 24 hours. After cleansing it is important to discard the salt. This salt has now absorbed the energies from your crystals, so do not reuse or consume.

So now you know how to cleanse your crystal jewellery, but when is the best time to cleanse it?

This is a very personal question and only you will know when your crystal jewellery will require cleaning, however below are a few suggestions.

  • When you first purchase your jewellery

  • After/before wearing

  • Whenever your intuition tells you to.

  • During a full/new moon

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