Why The Law Of Attraction Isn't Working

Have you ever tried to manifest using The Law Of Attraction? Did you receive sporadic results or maybe its never even worked for you at all. If this is you don't worry, the universe does not hate you and no there is nothing wrong with you, I promise!

The problem lies with many of the LOA teachings. Gurus often say something like “the universe is your catalogue, all you need to do is select something you would like, ask for it, visualise yourself having it and BAM! it's yours”.

This is not true at all and it saddens me to hear about the negative effects this method of teaching can have on many people's lives. This method more often then not can cause adverse effects, affecting individuals confidence, ability and self esteem. Even when people do go against the grain and confess their inability to “manifest” they are simply told they are not doing it correctly.

So, does this mean you dislike the Law of Attraction?

No way I love the principles behind the LOA. I have been a follower of Abraham Hicks for many years. I don't write this article to offend, and if you are having success using this "traditional" methods of LOA then by all means continue.

This article is for those who have tried and failed other methods of LOA and for those who want to better understand the psychological impact of the work you are mentally performing.

Why are so many people failing to get results?

This could be for two reasons the first is that you are in fact getting what you ask for, Maybe just not as you have expected. When you ask the universe for something there are multiple ways in which your desire is granted. Firstly you may be given it out right (Great!) This is what most people who practise LOA expect. Secondly you may be given it in a way that you didn't expect that comes with a negative side effect, the saying be careful what you wish for perfectly describes this. Thirdly you may be given a test, challenge or obstacle to face. This is the one no one expects however challenges push us forward and maybe you need to develop something within your mental state before you can obtain that what you have requested.

The second reason the LOA may not be working is because you do not really want what you have asked for or because you have pre built mental blocks within your subconscious that are stopping you from obtaining it.

We see this happening a lot when people try to manifest money. If someone's pre built beliefs about money are lack, struggle and pain their subconscious will do everything possible to keep money away from them, and since the subconscious is way more powerful than the conscious mind no matter how much asking is done, they will not be able to "manifest" more money.

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