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Why You Should Wear Crystal Jewellery

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People often ask me what the point of crystal jewellery is. They ask if it would be more cost effective to buy the stones and carry them, instead of spending extra cash on jewellery and findings. I do understand this logic especially if you are low on cash or do not like wearing jewellery. In this article I am going to explain why you should be working with crystal jewellery as well as your favourite tumbled or rough crystal pieces.

It Looks Amazing

Whether you are male or female everyone can appreciate just how stunning crystal jewellery is. It is pretty hard to wear a piece of gemstone jewellery and not receive a ton of compliments There is something alluring and at the same time magnificent about each gemstone so why wouldn’t you want to show it off to the world?

Jewellery Was Invented Because of Crystal Gemstones

We all know just how much the ancients loved crystals. Their beauty and power has long been known and respected. It is believed that jewellery became a “thing”, when the ancients wanted to connect and concentrate the power of a particular crystal to an energy centre on their body. This makes a lot of sense considering the body has a collection of energetic gateways or chakras. Necklaces were worn to connect with the heart or throat centre, crowns for the crown chakra and third eye, belly button stones and waists beads for the solar plexus and bracelets for the energy centres in our hands. So the type of jewellery and gemstone you wear not only looks amazing, but it is also affecting your body in an energetic way..

It's Convenient

Let's face it no one has time to hold a crystal up against their throat all day. Wearing your crystals in jewellery is a great way to get all of the benefits with minim

al effort.

Show Your Style

There are a ton of gemstone crystal jewellery designs on the market and with such a huge selection you are guaranteed to find something that matches your style. You could have simple sophisticated studs or a goddess crystalline tiara. Whatever your unique style there is a piece of crystal jewellery to match.

They Work Just Like Any Other Crystal Piece

You can charge, cleanse and program your crystal jewellery just like you would do with your tumble stones, points, wands etc. The only difference is that you may need to take care when it comes to cleansing your crystal jewellery items as some pieces can be pretty delicate. For more information on cleansing your crystal jewellery check out our tips right here.

So these are just a few of our favourite reasons why we think you should wear crystal jewellery. If you have any different reasons please feel free to drop us a message on our social media pages. We would love to hear your perspectives and if you like to wear crystal jewellery.

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