Is it your time to level up. Do you need to know what's blocking you from reaching the next level and exceling in your goals. In this reading I will lay out exactly what you need to do to reach the next level including what or who is preventing your success. This is a no filter reading and there may be some harsh truths uncovered within this reading, but please bare in mind spirit will only share with me what they want you to know. 


So if you are ready to level up be sure to add this to your cauldron (cart). 


You will receive this reading as a PDF file via email with 2 working days. Please note at busy times there may be a slight delay.


About Me 

My name is Simone I am a Spiritual/Psychic reader with over 10 years of reading tarot experience. I have helped 100s of people by providing heartfelt, intuitive spiritual readings and I am here to help you progress along your path also. I am able to assist with psychic guidance surrounding love, work, finances, and your spiritual path.



Level Up Tarot Reading

  • Due to the nature of this spirtual service, we are unable to offer refunds for readings that have already commenced. If for any reason, you'd like to change the time or date that you have scheduled for the reading then please contact us at the earliest possible time to arrange. 

    Please reach us on: hello@spiritual-is.com

    We can't always guarantee that we'll be able to amend the scheduled reading, but we'll certainly do everything in our cosmic power to help guide you to a more suitable time.

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