Pink Aventurine - Happiness, Bringing Peace, Stability 


Pink Aventurine Tumbled Stone

SKU: 000311
  • Pink Aventurine is believed to bring light and happiness to its user. It is a great stone for those who feel stuck with life and can bring feelings of creativity and purpose. This stone has the power to rid negative thoughts and instead replace them with feelings of joy and happiness.

    Key Benefits:  Happiness, Bringing Peace, Stability 
    Best Used: To wear in difficult times or meditate with 
    Associated Chakra: Heart 
    Astrological Sign: Aries

    Crystals are gaining increasing amounts of popularity due to their natural and metaphysical properties. Choose from a selection of high quality genuine crystal tumbled gemstones. Each stone is large but varies in size, shape and colour due to its natural composition.

    Approx 2 - 3cm

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