The light is the key to understanding this extraordinary deck, which combines artistic beauty, symbolic depth and intuitive vigour.
This 78 card deck is based on the Rider Waite style meanings.

It is a light that warms the soul, frees the mind, relieves fear and casts the gaze toward infinity. The search for enlightenment drives people to overcome their limits, gives them the energy to overcome difficulties and find their way in the dark. This is what allows us to grow.

The Tarot Illuminati has 78 vivid, digitally illustrated cards. The cards are complex, saturated with colour, and enhanced by the lack of borders.

The Tarot Illuminati is a gorgeous new deck. Its title refers not to secret societies or conspiracy theories but to the ‘Light of Wisdom’. The Tarot Illuminati closely follows the Rider Waite Smith standard utilising most if not all of its intricate symbolism and significant colour coding. The more one looks at these cards the more detail stands out – the pomegranates on the Empress' robe, the moon and sun the Chariot's roof, the rabbit by the Queen of Pentacles, the watery designs on the Queen of Cups' robe and the clouds on the Queen of Swords' dress. No small details have been compromised or sacrificed. 

Tarot Illuminati Deck


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