Unakite Tumbled Stone - Healing, Relationships, Dream Work, LovIng Communication

Unakite Tumbled Stone

SKU: 000324
  • Unakite is a beautiful healing crystal for the heart and mind. It is a stone which represents living in the now. It's energy works fast and can both heal and nurture making it great for long lasting relationships. Unakite is a powerful spiritual stone and is great for working with dreams. 

    Key Words: Healing, Relationships, Dream Work, LovIng Communication

    Associated Chakra: Heart

    Crystals are gaining increasing amounts of popularity due to their natural and metaphysical properties. Choose from a selection of high quality genuine crystal tumbled gemstones. Each stone is large but varies in size, shape and colour due to its natural composition.

    Approx 2 - 3cm


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